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BOWES TR 37510

BOWES TR 37510

Multi Plast Repair Kit BOWES TR 37510

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Multi Plast Repair Kit BOWES TR 37510. Multi Plast is a one of a kind outside-in repair made for tubeless tire injuries. Because of its unique design, Multi Plast fits the injury, no matter what its shape. TR 37510 Multi Plast Kit Contains:
- TC 22162 Multi Plast Bonding Compound, 8 oz.
- TC 37504 Leak Finder, 8 oz.
- TT 37506 Passenger Needle
- TR 37503 Multi Plast Refill Tube, 240”
- TT 37558 Empty Multi Plast Canister

Price: $75.54 


BOWES TC 22162
Multi/Radial Plast Bonding Compound 8oz can
TR 37503
Multi Plast Refill Tube 240"
BOWES TC 22158
Tire Repair Liquid B133 Vulcanizing Cement 8 oz. Can
TR 37511
Multi Plast Refill Tube 600"