Inner Tube KR-14/15 TR13 IT 2055

Price: $16.27
Inner Tube for Radial Passenger Tires with TR13 valve. Fits tire size KR-14/15, 195R14/15, 205R14/15, 205/70R14/15, 215/70R14/15, P195/75R14, 225/70R15, P205/75R14/15, P195/80R14/15. P205/80R14/15, 215/75R15, 225/70R14, P215/75R14, P225/70R15, FR78-14/15, GR78-14/15, DR70-14, ER70-14/15, FR70-14/15. For use in Radial Tires Only. Made by Countrywide Tire and Rubber