Permatex 24010 GEL TWIST™ Medium Strength Threadlocker BLUE Gel 10 g

Price: $9.76
The patent-pending GEL TWIST™ pin-point applicator puts the Threadlocker where you want it...on the part! Gel formula provides “liquid-reliability” without drips, globs, mess or waste. All-purpose, medium strength threadlocker. Ideal for all nut and bolt applications 1/4 inch to 1 inch (6mm to 25mm). Eliminates need for stocking expensive lock nuts and lock washers. Locks and seals while preventing parts from loosening due to vibration. Protects threads from corrosion. Removable with hand tools for easy disassembly. Mil-Spec (S-46163A) Type II, Grade N. Suggested Applications: Valve cover bolts, water pump bolts, oil pan bolts, drive shaft bolts, rocker arm adjustment nuts, carburetor studs; also ideal for vertical applications